Vanishing of a Billionaire Tycoon

Adyan Nair
1 min readApr 16, 2021

China’s most outspoken billionaire has gone silent. No one has seen Jack Ma. His dramatic rise n fall illustrates China’s wary embrace of tycoons who power economic growth. Jack Ma, the billionaire founder of Chinese Internet giant Alibaba, hasn’t been seen in public in months after criticizing government regulators.

He was the mind behind the worlds largest, most powerful and financially rich company. Along the way Jack Ma helped create a behemoth that is a marvel. An example of China’s economic prowess and innovation.

To get ahead in China, some might say you need to be in with the Communists; the leaders, the bureaucrats, the officials.He’s been officially outed by the People’s Daily, the mouthpiece of the ruling party. Communist party whose leader who wants to "develop China, develop socialism and develop Marxism"?

The lesson to learn here is that whichever party you choose to power, whatever may be their ideologies, the government will never let the power and control slip away from their hands. The power is something that they keep for themselves ….always.

In 2017, he spoke at the World Economic Forum.

"Every day is uncertain. The only certain day was yesterday," he said.