The Lost Writings of Wu Hsin

Adyan Nair
Nov 15, 2020


“The world can never own a man who wants nothing.”

The sum of a past is I was.

The sum of a future is I will be.

The continuous crossing back and forth Between the two Obscures the present moment, The I am, Being Itself.

The preoccupation with The foreground, the sights,

The smells, The sounds, Takes the attention away from The background.

Yet, it is in this very background that The Mystery resides.

— Wu Hsin

The central problem is not that

You think to highly Of yourself

Nor is it that

You think too lowly Of yourself.

Instead, it is that

You think constantly Of yourself.

— Wu Hsin

One hundred years after Confucius, came Wu Hsin. His name literally means ‘no-mind.’ And there is almost no trace of this person available, except The Lost Writings of Wu Hsin, which is probably how he would have liked it.