Adyan Nair
1 min readFeb 12, 2020
Life is better with sand between my toes and the waves washing it away.


If every man, is judged to the core
merely by those shoes that he wore,
I believe what I am seeing,
You are the most ignorant being.

Ladies, you may have lost,
The man perfect for you.
As he was wearing a slipper, not a shoe.
Foraging for shiny, polished leather,
You start searching for another.

This man, whom I know,
Never bragged or put up a show.
Walking bare feet now-and -then,
His family, for him, was his only haven.

My father never wore a great pair
Yet he is the best man out there!
Shoes may reveal the character, but of who?
Ask yourself again, me or you?