Circle of Togetherness-Infinity-Void-Salvation.

Adyan Nair
2 min readJan 20, 2021

The Japanese word for circle is enso. It is a universal expression of wholeness that lives deep in our beings. The making of a circle with one brushstroke is a calligraphic practice of bringing that wholeness forth, through the gesture of the body.

The Red Circle Theory of Buddhism refers to a belief in the pre-written destiny that brings two individuals together in their lives.

Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha, drew a circle with a piece of red chalk and said: “When men, even unknowingly, are to meet one day, whatever may befall each, whatever their diverging paths, on the said day, they will inevitably come together in the red circle.”

There are “chance” meetings among strangers and there are meetings which turn into fateful, soulful encounters that stay with you lifelong.

You meet as strangers, but, then there is a sense of comfort, belonging and depth in that brief moment of togetherness, a sense of resonance with the person. A sense of feeling to never let that person go away….

While at first glance, the enso symbol appears no more than a misshapen circle, it symbolizes many things: the beauty in imperfection, the art of letting go of expectations, the circle of life, and connection. The enso is a manifestation of the artist at the moment of creation and the acceptance of our innermost self. It symbolizes strength, elegance, and one-mindedness.

The circle also symbolizes connectedness, togetherness, emptiness or fullness.

Enso exemplifies the various dimensions of the japanese wabi-sabi.