Cultivate a calm mind - The Urban Balance

Adyan Nair
Nov 18, 2020


Mind over matter,

Mind over material,

Mind even beyond the mortal.

The more I settle into life here, the more I become aware of my inner patterns—my fluctuating thoughts, emotions, and reactions. Being much more aware of how my perceptions of my surroundings are a reflection of my mental state at the time. Our instincts are always ready to serve us. But you have to put yourself at risk to activate your instinctual genius.

Your inner intelligence knows how to accomplish astounding feats. You just need a clear objective. Get clear.

A steady and sturdy mind knows exactly what to do, In the moments of your deepest need, despair, and desperation, what you need more than any other thing, is a centered self and faith. Maybe a quite corner, a secluded roadside, a serene spot.

But a serene place is incomplete without a serene mind..