Adyan Nair
1 min readApr 15, 2020


An Empty Vessel.

When a man is left alone with nothing but his thoughts, an emotional turmoil is inevitable.

A man is nothing but what he thinks.

And what he thinks, he becomes.

For our mind is like an endless vessel. Our thoughts are like water.

Now water indeed, is the source of life. But it can take lives too. Flowing water nourishes life. Stagnant water breeds diseases.

There has to be a flow. When we speak out, our thoughts flow. But for the flow you need a force, a push or a pull.

Or Just a trigger to 'vent it out'.

To aid a turbulent, overflowing mind you need a doughty stable mind. Just like an overflowing vessel needs an empty one, to contain the water.

Hardest situations can be doped out by merely sitting beside a good listener. So as to contain the flow of an unhinged mind, you just need to find a doughty, empty vessel, which can contain the turbulence within itself.

A phone call, a knock on the door, a touch on the shoulder, a hand reaching out

Or just an eye contact...